Congratulations on your selection to attend the USAF Civilian Acculturation and Leadership Training Course.

Getting off to a good start requires you to show up prepared. The following information will help you prepare for the challenging 10 training days that will lead to your graduation and hopefully on to greater leadership opportunities within the Air Force.


You must arrive between 1400 and 1800 on your designated arrival day. NOTE -- You will not be able to check-in prior to 1400.

A mandatory meeting takes place at 1830 on your arrival day.

Use the following information to help prepare you for your arrival:

The Course Director is available to answer any of your questions about CALT and to help make your CALT experience smooth and productive.  **Please review the CALT Pre-Arrival Guide before calling for information.**



All CALT curriculum will be available to CALT students online. CALT students are highly encouraged to bring a wireless internet enabled computer or tablet (we are unable to support Kindle devices at this time) to access the material.  CALT students will receive specific information regarding accessing the online curriculum via email. If you have questions concerning a particular computer or tablet, please contact the CALT Course Director at the email listed above.


While the Officer Training School Dining Facility is the primary dining establishment for CALT students, there are many choices available for dining on Maxwell.  The base golf course (located across the street from the dormitory), Burger King and the Exchange Food Court are open on Sunday (operating hours vary).  For more information about on-base dining facilities see the Maxwell and Gunter Services Division.

As a reminder, you will be housed in dormitories, not in normal base billeting, so they will not have a reservation in your name.


The Officer Training School (OTS) campus, where you will be lodging and studying, is a formal training environment for new Air Force Officers. Because of the environment and the impression you will be making on the officer trainees, you should dress appropriately at all times, to include arrival on campus.


You are required to complete the Newcomers Orientation Course (NEO) prior to attending CALT on ADLS. You will not get orders until you have completed the NEO course and submitted the completion certificate to AFPC.

PROBLEMS GETTING YOUR ORDERS? Contact AFPC/DPIFA  at DSN 665-1542 (primary) or 665-2524 (alternate).