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Colonel Michael D. Tyynismaa

Colonel Michael D. Tyynismaa
Commander CAP-USAF

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CAP-USAF is responsible for ensuring that Civil Air patrol (CAP) is organized, trained, and equipped to fulfill Air Force-assigned missions.  CAP-USAF provides day-to-day support, advice and liaison to CAP, and provides oversight for CAP programs, with particular emphasis on safety and programmatic requirements. CAP-USAF personnel will be the primary functional interface between other Federal agencies and the CAP.

CAP-USAF Contact Info: 

105 South Hansell Street
Maxwell AFB, AL  36112
334 953 6986
DSN 493-6986

If you are a member of the USAF Reserve and interested in participating as a PIRR Category E Reservist in the Civil Air Patrol Reserve Assistance Program (CAPRAP) please contact the CAP-USAF Reserve Affairs Manager at (334) 953 5225 (DSN 493)

Civil Air Patrol Reserve Assistance Program